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We offer a range of volunteer opportunities to help keep our services and programs running smoothly for our clients & members. Not sure how you want to help? Take a look through the activities below and see what interests you. Get in contact below. Or click here to get started.

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Crisis Phone Listener

Callers have a variety of court-related stressors, or family-life issues, or tensions they are dealing with in jail. Our CTF listeners provide a safe & confidential environment for callers to share their biggest challenges and consider solutions.

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Family & Friends Online Support Group

New in 2020 – CTF has launched an online support group for friends & families who have loved ones in jail. This is a private Facebook group, only visible to its members. Our volunteers provide inspiring posts, informative polls and research & engaging videos. Group members are encouraged to share their stories & help one another through the ups & downs of the justice system.

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Letter-Writing Campaigns

Inmates are permitted two letters a week. They correspond with our volunteers. Sharing stories, encouragement and strategies for release plans.

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is comprised of community members, family members, financial experts, media experts and individuals familiar with various levels of the court & justice system. The Advisory Council offers direction and vision to the Board of Directors & volunteers.

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Jail Visits

As part of our CTF community outreach initiative, volunteers visit inmates in nearby jails. Some inmates have not had visits in 5 or 9 years. Having someone from the outside show interest & support can help with an inmates’ transformation.

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Social Media Team

CTF works with volunteers who share posts, links, videos, tweets and photos throughout our social media platform. Our aim is to educate, enlighten & empower our readers and audiences so they are more informed about options & opportunities and have access to resources which can help them navigate the criminal justice system.

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