A $10 Donation Pays Postage on 10 letters or 20 Free Calls For Inmates

With the generous donations from individuals, families, business owners and community members our programs have grown to the scale they are now at. We are so grateful for every donation and we see the positive affects its having on inmates and their families!


shows our phone service

A $50 Donation Provides 100 Free Calls To Inmates

With $50 we can keep our five phone lines active for a month and provide 100 calls free of charge. Inmates who call the Crisis Line regularly participate in a transformation program which helps them reflect on their lives and the new Self they are developing.


A $100 Donation Actives a Crisis Line to a Jail and provides 200 calls free of charge to inmates

CTF has five phone lines which serve more than a dozen jails in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. We are currently seeking ways to streamline our calls and reduce costs but for now, our monthly service costs between $25-$40 for each line and between .50 and $1.50 depending on the location. We are extremely thankful to all who have donated this year to help keep our phones running. We couldn't do it without the generous donations from supporters of our programs!


I would really like for you to know how grateful I am to Rachel, and supporting volunteers, as well as contributors. I can’t imagine what I would do if I didn’t have that little light at the other end of the telephone on my darkest days…I have transformed my Self, thanks to CTF, the 19-day Transformation program and most of all to all you who have donated.” D.C., age 34, Hamilton-Wentworth Correctional Institution 2020

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