Helping Society’s Most Vulnerable

Sometimes, when people hear that CTF helps inmates, they seem surprised. Why give attention, resources & time to “criminals”? I’d like to answer that question in this post. Firstly, the inmates who we help are the ones who want help. They are open-minded, positive people who have a lot to offer the world and theyContinue reading “Helping Society’s Most Vulnerable”

Update: FUNdrive Spring 2020 … rescheduled to Summer 2020!

CTF has partnered with Value Village to run a fundraising clothing drive called FUNdrive. We had originally scheduled a delivery dated for April 24, 2020 but due to the Covid-19 concerns we have postponed until Summer 2020. How does it work? We collect the clothing and small household items and donate it to Value Village.Continue reading “Update: FUNdrive Spring 2020 … rescheduled to Summer 2020!”

Food Package Delivered During Covid-19 Self-Isolation Crisis

Burnaby, B.C. – On Wed. March 18, 2020, a CTF volunteer found a call for help on a local FB page for updates on the Covid-19 crisis in Vancouver area. A man in his 30s wrote that he’s had a cough so he hasn’t been able to work, that he has run out of food,Continue reading “Food Package Delivered During Covid-19 Self-Isolation Crisis”

CTF Volunteers Respond to Family in Need

On March 06, 2020, a family reached out to CTF describing a financial challenge. The father, J.C. we’ll call him, said his newborn needed diapers & wipes. When a CTF volunteer asked for more information, we found the family was also in need of some food and other personal hygiene supplies. That’s when our CommunityContinue reading “CTF Volunteers Respond to Family in Need”