Board of Directors

We are a small team that bears overall responsibility for managing this organization. We love helping individuals, families & our communities, and we do it with a passion.

Rachel Czifra Perry

Chair of Board of Directors

With more than 20 years experience in nonprofit & community development, Rachel brings a lot to the table. As a co-founder of CTF, she launched the first crisis phone line, letter-writing campaign, and community connection program.

She has studied a therapeutic approach to transformation & positive personal growth for the past 10 years and is working to publish new materials on her blog, as well as authoring a book about dreams from inmates.

Email Rachel: ourCTF@gmail.

Mark Blair

Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

Mark has a plethora of experience in nonprofit development, business management and crime intervention initiatives.

Email Mark:

Kayla Butler


Kayla has 10+ experience in finance management which she combines with her passion for community development. She headed up our Summer 2019 Book Drive and has been instrumental in registering CTF as a Canadian nonprofit and acquiring charity organization status.

Email Kayla:

Want to become a director?

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