Board of Directors

We are a small team that bears overall responsibility for managing this organization. We love helping individuals, families & our communities, and we do it with a passion.

Mark Blair

Chairman of the Board of Directors

As co-founder of CTF. Mark launched the Dream Work For Inmates campaign in 2018. Within the first year he single-handedly recruited 50+ new callers & clients to our first crisis phone line. His unwavering commitment to transformation inspired many people he came in contact with and three years later he continues to support the mission.

As a member of the first Board of Directors, he helped register the nonprofit and continues to advocate for its administrative advancement including having the goal of obtaining charity status.

Mark’s first passion has always been his role as a father. Yet he has also contributed to the advancement of many teams & organizations. In work, he has opened a new sports franchise and more than doubled sales in the first year. He’s also taken leadership roles on site, ensuring safety & efficency in the product. In the community, he’s spent a lot of time connecting with First Nations traditions & culture. In sports, he has coached baseball, basketball and could probably give Tiger Woods a run for his money. 🙂

Mark’s vision, passion, drive and dedication to the mission of CTF is a powerfully positive force which promises for many great opportunities for continued success in time. At the moment, in addition to chairing the Board meetings, he also manages the new online store and the volunteer pen pal program.

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Rachel Czifra Perry

Vice-Chair of Board of Directors

Alongside Mark, Rachel co-founded CTF and helped launch the first Dream Work For Inmates initiative in 2018.

She has studied a therapeutic approach to transformation & positive personal growth for the past 10 years and is working to publish new materials on her blog, as well as authoring a book about dreams from inmates.

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Board Member since July 2020

Kayla Butler

Treasurer & Ambassador

Kayla brings enthusiasm, skill and expertise to her role as Treasurer and Ambassador. She joined CTF in 2019 when she was nominated as a member of the first Board of Directors. Her enthusiasm for social change makes her an amazing advocate for transformation in the justice system. At times she has volunteered on the phone line, has launched fundraising and book drives, and has been a key supporter for our newly-developing post-release program. Her fundraising initiatives through social media and personal initiatives has raised more than $1000. Her book drive gathered 500+ books for a women’s shelter. Her care package for a newly released inmate and his infant baby included more than $300 worth of food, diapers, formula, etc. These efforts have been instrumental in moving our programming forward in its first year as a registered nonprofit.

Kayla’s commitment to transformation stems from her personal life experience of overcoming significant hardships in childhood & teen years. By facing fears, she found tremendous Courage. By facing the shadows, she found a powerful Inner Light. By breaking free of the metaphoric chains that bound her, she found a positive vision of freedom for herself and her two children.

She is French-speaking Metis and walks a spiritual path aspiring to bring out the best in those around her. The time & energy she gives to CTF and its clients is an invaluable gift which is deeply appreciated by the Board.

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