Food Package Delivered During Covid-19 Self-Isolation Crisis

Burnaby, B.C. – On Wed. March 18, 2020, a CTF volunteer found a call for help on a local FB page for updates on the Covid-19 crisis in Vancouver area. A man in his 30s wrote that he’s had a cough so he hasn’t been able to work, that he has run out of food, and it was later learned he has no family nearby. The CTF volunteer responded to the man asking what he needs and then sent out an email to a group of friends and a faith group, who responded. They were asking how they could help.

By Friday a care package with non-perishable food items as well as some fresh fruits, veggies, eggs & bread were collected, along with a generous monetary donation, which could buy specific items the man needed.

The package was delivered on Friday afternoon and over the following weekend donations continued coming in, making it possible to bring another food package as well. The man has been tested for Covid-19 and is awaiting results, which he reports can take between a week or two. In the meantime, he has some basic food supplies to help him through this health & financial crisis.

CTF would like to thank the volunteers who arranged for this delivery and also the members of the Baha’i Faith who contributed to this thoughtful & much needed care package.

These are some of the ways CTF reaches out to support community members in need during times of crisis.

The man who received the care package wrote in a text, ” I appreciate this more than you know.”

During this global pandemic, while people are being encouraged to keep a physical distance from one another, it is heart-warming to see neighbours coming together to help one another.

You Can Make a Donation To Support This Important Work

100% of donations are used for charitable purposes for community-building activities and programs.


Published by Rachel Perry

Co-founder of CTF Chair of Board of Directors Director of Crisis Phone Line & Transformation Correspondence Volunteer Coordinator

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